The Foreplay Tour


Res·o·lu·tion: A Firm Decision To Do or Not To Do Something

I finally gave into myself and ignored idealism.
My Resolution is my truth.
Everything cleared up,
The Unclaimed Love is now up for claims.
It isn't either our decisions to make,
It is what it is.
The one thing I will always have and treasure,
is my ability to put my truth before everything.
You are my truth.
And my truth lies behind all these papers.
I located my balls again and did my truth justice.
Honest but not stupid I am,
and from the moment I walked through that door,
I knew I was going home with someone else and then some.
I live and will keep living, paying my dues and never waiting.
I will pour myself into my man,
Until maybes,
Hellos and goodbyes.
The internal picture is nothing of what you see,
Nothing is coincidental.
In the midst of all my chaos there is calculation.
As I prepare to come back to all of you,
what I had done was mandatory,
I move on with everything but a clean slate.
Its my own doing,
and for these vows to myself.

Until truth do us part.


I'll follow myself
keep looking back for you
 Until Truth do us part

Photograph by Rawad Angelo Habib